Truck Data

Mercury and Ford Truck Information and Data

Production Figures: 1946 – 1968
Production figures for the Mercury and Ford trucks built in Canada.

Genealogy of Postwar Canadian Variants Ford, GM and Chrysler.

VIN Plates Breakdown for Ford and Mercury Trucks:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plates Breakdown
This information is from Ford & Mercury Truck Service Manuals, official Shop Manuals, service bulletins, Autolite Shop Tips, and Owners Manuals published by Ford of Canada and Ford Motor Company, USA.

Ford made changes from model-to-model and year-to-year, as well as during mid-year production. Consequently, I can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of all data presented here.
I will be adding more as I get them.

Mercury and Ford Truck Literature: Sales Ads, Dealer Ads and Owner Manuals (Covers)

D. S. O. codes ( Domestic Special Order )

Assembly Plant Code

Useful Formulas – Conversion Charts
Predicting Power, Piston Speed, Compression Ratio and more.

Color Charts: