Colour Chart

Color Chart for 1959 – 1968 Ford & Mercury Trucks

1968 Exterior Paint Breakdown Chart – Quarts

Single Letter or Number Code identifies the exterior body paint color on a one tone (solid) colored car. Two Letter or Number Code identifies both exterior paint colors on a two tone colored car – first letter represents the lower color, second letter represents the upper color.


Sales Name

Base Color

Econo Line




A Raven Black Black X CM6J 1724 AE60 1724C
B Caribbean Turquoise Turquoise X CM8J 556 AE60 556C
B Royal Maroon Maroon X CM8J 3059 AE60 3059C
C Pure White White X CM7J 1525 AE60 1525C
D Peacock Blue Med. Turquoise X CM7J 1638 AE60 1638C
E Sky View Blue Lt. Blue X CM8J 1906 AE60 1906C
F Arcadian Blue Lt. Blue X CM6J 1226 AE60 1226C
G Chrome Yellow Chrome Yellow X CM7J 1526 AE60 1526C
J Rangoon Red Red X CM7J 1515 AE60 1515C
L Holly Green Dark Green X X CM7J 1237 AE60 1237C
M Wimbledon White White X X CM6J 1619 AE60 1619C
N Coachman Beige Met. Med. Beige Met. X CM8J 1911 AE60 1911C
O American Blue Dark Blue X CM8J 3286 AE60 3286C
P Boxwood Green Med. Ivy Green X X CM8J 3150 AE60 3150C
Q Brittany Blue Med. Blue Met. X CM7J 1624 AE60 1624C
R Diamond Green Lt. Ivy X CM8J 3125 AE60 3125C
T Candyapple Red Red X CM6J 2008 AE60 2008C
U Lunar Green Med. Green X CM7J 2097 AE60 2097C
W Meadow Lark Yellow Yellow X CM8J 3120 AE60 3120C
X Marlin Blue Med. Blue X CM8J 1742 AE60 1742C
2 Coachman Beige Med. Beige X CM8J 1878 AE60 1878C
3 Yucatan Gold Yellow Green X CM8J 1635 AE60 1635C
4 Twilight Green Lt. Ivy Green Met. X CM8J 3069 AE60 3069C
6 Pebble Beige Lt. Beige X X CM7J 1631 AE60 1631C
7 Harbour Blue Dark Blue X CM7J 2098 AE60 2098C